Custom Electrical Distribution Board and Control Panels​

We design, assemble and install all types low voltage electrical power distribution boards and control panels of all sizes that are tailored to address specific and often unique client needs

Whether you need a new electrical distribution board for your new project or just need to make modifications/expansion to your existing distribution scheme, GESERVE can provide you with the right solution meeting your functional and operational needs

New Main Distribution Board for you entire Plant Including Automatic Transfer Switch for Back-up Generator 

Modification or Expansion of your Existing Installation to Accommodate new changes to your plant 

Building a new control panel for specific system/machine/process equipment or modifying the existing one requires a careful understanding of the operation and functions of the system. GESERVE has a team of experienced engineers and electricians with extensive domain knowledge in the installation, operation and maintenance of a wide range of manufacturing and industrial process systems, making us an ideal place for flexible control panel solutions that meet your requirements

We can build, install and integrate control and operator panels for different applications based on client requirements:

Whether you need a Control panel for simple application with standard logic relays, a more complex control system can be with a Programmable Logic Controller including process monitoring devices, just contact us here and tell us your application requirement and we will realize it for you

Motor Control panels with soft starters for high inertia motor loads such Submersible pumps 

 Motor Control panels with variable frequency drives for flexible speed control applications

Simple Control panels for process control and monitoring applications 

Custom Control panels for simple application with standard Electromagnetic logic relays

Control panels with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for a more complex control application with multiple process inputs and outputs